About Us

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History of Singapore Association of Hong Kong (SAHK)


The Singapore Association (SAHK) was formed in 1974 by a group of Singaporeans who worked and resided in Hong Kong. After forty years, while some of these pioneers had moved on, some had continued to live and work in Hong Kong. With the support from the then Singapore Commissioner, a group of Singaporean were later given the permission to setup an association. By 1976, Singapore Association had its first annual dinner and dance. The association would not have been such a continuing success if it were not for the work of its dedicated members who worked hard to get it started and to continue the momentum.


Professional and Social Networking


SAHK is consisting of a group of volunteers who assist Singaporeans of multiple professions working in Hong Kong to integrate into the community; and at the same time, acting as ambassadors to Hong Kong professionals who may have vast interests in the Singapore community, both professional and social. The association endeavors to foster closer ties and cross-border activities such as business, career opportunities, lifestyle and friendship between the two countries. SAHK is a non-partisan, non-political association which welcomes all Singaporeans, regardless of their political inclinations.


Objective of the Association


-To provide members opportunities for recreation, social gatherings and refreshment.

-To provide members facilities for entertaining their families and friends

-To keep members informed of the latest development in the Republic of Singapore

-To participate in charitable activities and to make donations to charitable institutions and needy people in Hong Kong.