The Executive Committee 2017/2018

Executive Committee Members


1. Chairman: Mr. Greg Ng

2. Vice-Chairman: Mr. Zac Chua Zhiwei

3. Hon. Secretary: Ms. Hellen Teo

4. Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Ng Ean Kiam

5. Legal Advisor: Mr. Raymond Goh 

6. Mr.Tony Teo 

7. Ms. Adeline Lee 

8. Mr. Christopher Hua

9. Mr. Alan Gan

10. Mr. Gobind Kirpalani

11. Mrs. Kamila Kirpalani

12. Ms. Celina Lim

13. Ms. Lynda Tan 



Mr Lee Yong Sun

Mr KK Chua



Ms Foo Teow Lee, consul general of the Republic Singapore - Hong Kong

Volunteers 2017/2018

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated Singaporean volunteers stepping out to serve. It takes much resource, time and talent to organise events and activities on a regular basis. Calling Singaporeans in Hong Kong; do join our association as members and then our team, if you like to work with a vibrant group of talented people to serve the Singaporean community here in Hong Kong.